mobile112 lite 1.0.18


mobile112™ for Dyslexia, Aphasia, Talking Translator and Travel Companion, OCR

* Hear received SMS Text Messages. Reply by SMS, email or phone. (mobile phone & internet connection required)
* Type & Speak lets you type in anything and it will be spoken by the text-to-speech engine. You can even translate into other languages and speak it (internet connection required).
*Scan and Speak. Lets you photograph any text (document/sign/menu etc.) and convert it to readable text using the power of ABBYY(tm) Optical Character Recognition. The text is then spoken by the text-to-speech engine.
* Translate and speak. mobile112 can translate your text using Google Translate. If you have the appropriate text-to-speech engine, it can even speak it in that language. Travelling and see a sign or menu you don't understand? Photograph, translate & speak! It's as simple as that.
* Pre-defined Phrases. Full version only
* Help and Talking browser: Full version only
* Multi-lingual talking keyboard and dictionary: Full version only.

mobile112 was designed by Flemming Ast and Bill Bostock. Flemming has severe dyslexia, but despite this, rose to the top of the mobile phone industry in Denmark, and was regional CEO for Nokia before retiring to write a book (using mobile112). Bill Bostock has over 30 years experience in the computer industry and has a proven track record developing mobile applications, starting with the award winning IconSpeak in 2000.

Full and Trial versions are also available on the Android Market. This is the Lite version. For the other versions, search for mobile112.

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